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March 2019                    Newsletter Archive

PO Box 381, Cave Creek, AZ 85327

A Note From Our President

Hi All,
Just a reminder, our third Tuesday of the month (March 19) meeting will be at Bryan’s Barbeque, 6130 E. Cave Creek Rd., #2.  It’s on the north side of the road directly across the road from Earl’s Diner (the old converted gas station). They meeting room has a totally separate room from the main restaurant on your left. Entrance to the meeting room is to the left of the main entrance.
As usual, socializing starts at 6:00 PM and business meeting at 7:00 PM
The Goldfield Ghost Town Ride is this Sunday, March 17. Ride out at 11:00 AM
Our website sign-up page is now up and working so please sign up for ride is on our website at http://cavecreeksaddleclub.org/samventer/eventer.php.
Look forward to seeing you all,
Greg LaCosse President


Tentative Ride/Meeting schedule for our 2018/2019 Riding season. All aspects are subject to change with little or no notice.

BROWN’S RANCH  -  Saturday, September 29,
9:00 AM

ROCK SPRINGS  -  Saturday, October 13, 9:00 AM

BRIAN & MARCIE’S (FLAGSTAFF) Ride/Campout - Saturday & Sunday, October 27 & 28

November 10, 9:00 AM


CHRISTMAS RIDE / PARTY - Cave Creek Park, Saturday, 10:00 AM


PICKET POST, Ride Campout  -  Saturday & Sunday,
January 19 & 20

IRISH PUB VIEW, Brunch Ride in Cave Creek  -  Sunday, February 3, 10:00 AM

CATALINA RIDE / CAMPOUT - Saturday & Sunday,
February 16 & 17

GOLDFIELD GHOST TOWN - Sunday, March 17,
11:00 AM

EMPIRE RANCH, RIDE / CAMPOUT - Saturday & Sunday, March 30 & 31

SEDONA, RIDE / CAMPOUT - Saturday & Sunday,
April 13 & 14

WHITE TANKS - Saturday, April 27, 9:00 AM

MORMON LAKE, RIDE / CAMPOUT - Saturday & Sunday, May 18 & 19


UPCOMING CCSC EVENTS RIDES: All times are subject to change – Please RSVP on the website

2019 Next Meeting
Tuesday, March 19
(third Tuesday of the month)

Bryan's Barbecue
6130 E. Cave Creek Road, #2
(Meeting Room to the left of main entrance)

Gathering at 6:00 PM, Meeting at 7:00 PM
A gathering for club business and getting to know everyone.

A Few Photos From Recent Rides

Az Horse Council Newsletter

The Arizona Horse Council (AzHC) had its first arena trail challenge at Pinal County Fair grounds, South of Tucson. It was a Halloween event.  This was the first time that the Horse Council held an ACTHA - American Competitive Trail Horse Association - sponsored ride.  Fourteen riders competed in Open, Competitive Pleasure and Rookie Pleasure Divisions. Horse and rider teams competed over a variety of obstacles to test their skills in an arena setting. The obstacles and some of the horses and riders were decked out in Halloween themes.  For our first ACTHA Event, AzHC felt this was a very successful event. We plan to have another event; same time and same place, sometime next year.

AzHC is working on its next Legislative ride, and working to get Governor Ducey involved. The governor is receptive to the idea, and we are working on setting the dates to match up with his schedule, and the ranch where we are holding the next ride.

Chip Wilson, President of AzHC, attended the Coalition of State Horse Councils that took place in Minnesota, the end of October to the 1st of November. This coalition is a sub committee of the American Horse Council. It was enlightening, and Chip came back with ideas for AzHC to address. The Coalition also addressed the progress of the National Equine Disease Call Center. It is in operation, now, and once every state's vets get trained, it will soon be in operation. They are still looking for additional funding to keep it going. This center will not only report on a disease outbreak, but will give the proper and recommended prevention information. This will also get the outbreak info out, as soon as the test results come in. This will help identify the exposed animals, quickly, and will help to eliminate the bad and faulty information that get passed when an outbreak occurs.
Happy Trails,