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Reservations for Christmas Party at Brian and Marcie's (not a ride).

Kathryn and Barbara Friedman
Doug and Janet asberry pies
Doug and Janet Rasberry pies
Ferrell and Jean Anderson
Janet Villa Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
jules gunter
julie gunter green been casserole
jeannie forst tapas
Greg & Joyce - Green Bean Caserole
julie gunter will bring pot-totes instead..
Aishe/rich Green salad bread
Kathryn and Barbara Friedman Pasta salad vegies choc brownies
Pam & Larry Vonch
Pam & Larry Vonch
Pam & Larry Vonch German Chocolate Bundt Cake
Sheree Riggs
Cathleen Prudhomme
DeAnn Hohulin
Keith Harbaugh